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The goal in the near future is to have about five years time, initially set up a complete set by the department, province county levels for composition, rational layout, function, clear, professional operation and efficient, complete, both to China's national conditions and with international standards of quality and safety of agricultural products inspection testing system. The quality and safety of agricultural products detection system construction, want to highlight perfect and improve ministry-level professional (including regional) agro-product safety inspection and supervision inspection center (hereinafter referred to as ministry-level professional qc center), establish and perfect the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) comprehensive agro-product safety surveillance examinesthe test center (hereinafter referred to as the provincial comprehensive nature quality control center). Meanwhile, reasonable planning and construction county (city) level and comprehensive quality and safety of agricultural products testing station (hereinafter referred to as the county comprehensive testing station), encourage conditional agricultural production base and wholesale market based on velocity measurement primarily testing station (point), as comprehensive testing station inspection ability at the county level effectively complement.


Quality detection methods

1 type test. Validation products comply with a technical specifications (such as quality level, performance, safety requirements and environmental conditions, etc.) apply to its provisions.

In early products in the standard type test also called environment test, namely the goods in the natural environment with artificial simulation conditions of work into line test. For shortening the test time, as soon as possible, and get results in figuring environment on the basis of product impact, the reinforced or accelerated the artificial simulation test method. A product to those projects environmental test and harsh, depends on the degree of product use condition and reliability requirements, in product standard type test project in the table are made a provision. Environment test method has high temperature test, temperature concussion test, resistant to moisture and antiseptic experiment, mouldproof test, dustproof test, seal test, vibration test, blunt strike and collision test, transportation test, constant acceleration test, service life (durability) test, etc.

2 routine test (also called factory test). To inspect the product materials and processing quality defects, and detection products inherent properties, often including function test and safety test project.

3 sampling test. In the related product standards of this requirement and test is also used to verify product specified performance and characteristics. These regulations may put forward by the factory or by manufacturers and users to negotiate.

4 the special test. According to relevant product standards and manufacturer and user agreement, to meet the market to the product diverse demand.

For fake commodities, the general consumers and identification of grass-roots distribute unit is limited to conditions, usually can adopt intuitive sense inspection method, thus this section is the key book tells, but also introduce some simple physical and chemical screening inspection method, and some are easy to operate simple instrument and meter or special equipment, to compensate for sensory testing method inadequate.

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