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Selection of fusible interlining-The fourth technical guidance (STK INTERLINING)

Selection of fusible interlining - The fourth technical guidance (STK INTERLINING)

Fusible interlining cloth, there is no uniform method of choice, where a selection of recommended procedures (see below). Lining in accordance with the principles of this procedure to meet the election, and ultimately determine the optimum pressure required for lining and hot conditions. 
Interlining fabric selection process map
(Fiber material, organizational structure, finishing requirements)
Clothing consumption function, apparel features
Wearability (comfort, warmth, crease resistance, aesthetics)
Wear performance (resistance to dry cleaning, washing, type of insurance, DP sex)
  Interlining base fabric
(Woven, knitted, nonwoven)

Hot Melt
(Type, coated form)
(Bonding strength, washing, shrinkage, insurance-type performance)

Clothing categories (men, women, children, suits, logo clothing)
With the lining parts (front panels, collar, welt, cuffs, placket, pocket flap, waist, in the lapel)              
1. Interlining pre-     
2. Pressure hot test, pressure hot machine type, pressure hot conditions, test result analysis
3. Test Pressing
Intermediate pressure hot, hot pressure test,
4. Washing test
Washing, dry cleaning test, the results of
5. Interlining selected, the pressure conditions to determine the hot
The results analysis to identify the reasons for abnormal
Normal abnormal

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