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Selection of fusible interlining - The third technical guidance

Selection of fusible interlining - The third technical guidance (STK INTERLINING)

First, the selection of fusible interlining mainly from the clothing, fabric, lining and four aspects of consumer demand (see the following information about compatibility.)
Different kinds of hot melt adhesive material on the choice of fabric   

Features and Compatibility
Fabric Material characteristics and the choice of types of plastic
Characteristics of fabrics used tape and plastic types Attention
Liable to absorb deformation of wool fabric type, difficult integer, low thermal conductivity of PA plastic and invasive is better. Fabric shrinkage
Silk fabric type heat-sensitive adhesive strength low melting point PA-PES avoid high temperature, high pressure, steam
Cotton fabric class
  Water absorption, shrinkage large, easy to restore after hot good PE, PES plastic shrinkage
Difficult to glue linen type PA-PES plastic shrinkage, bonding conditions, attention
Rayon fabric type and high brightness, heat-sensitive strong PES, PA plastic to avoid the heat, pay attention to thermal
Rayon fabric type thermal, heat hardened feeling low melting point PA, PES plastic to avoid the heat, pay attention to feel
New Synthetic simulation results strong, feel special PES, PA resilient lining lining scalability, with the dynamic style of fabric
EVA glue fur to avoid high temperature and high thermal
Performance of complex composite fiber, single fiber comfort than good. PES, PA plastic lining of flexibility, with the mobility

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