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more information available Contact InformationVia Oratorio 48 20016 Pero Italy
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Customer Information
1 U.S. Buyers
Example Customer:
Elberto Pepper 1618 Renca Santiago Cl
Total Number of Shipments
Number of Shipments (July 01, 2007 – February 09, 2011):
1 shipmentExample Shipment
September 03, 2008
Shipment Weight:
1,070 KgFrom Port:
Rada Di Vado, Italy
To Port:
San Juan, San Juan, Puerto Rico

37 Rolls Kgs. 1070, 10 Linings Ncm 51129091 " For Us Customs Purpose Onl Y Master B L: Itgoa 001590976 2 "
Description Marks:
Seal No M No M No M No M No M No M
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Most Common Shipment Terms
itgoa line onl rolls
Additional Data Available
Customs Data Credit Report D&B Credit Report

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Interfodere Italia SpA "Panjiva has developed a very impressive offshore vendor sourcing, vetting and monitoring tool that marries public domain data with a powerful searching and rating system. It's an exciting, innovative and truly useful new data product."

— Russell Perkins

Managing Director, InfoCommerce Group

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Panjiva has no relationship with Interfodere Italia SpA. Interfodere Italia SpA has not approved or sponsored Panjiva's provision of the information included on this profile.

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  The profile for this company contains U.S. waterborne shipment information from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.A credit report from Panjiva affiliate International Credit Reports is available for this company.A credit report from Panjiva affiliate International Credit Reports is available for this company.Check for a D&B credit report on Interfodere Italia SpA.D&BPanjiva only rates manufacturers when there is sufficient data for a meaningful evaluation.Add this profile to your favoritesClick here to add this company to your watched companies list and receive alerts when it has new shipments, starts working with new supply chain partners or is red flagged.U.S. waterborne shipment information from the U.S. Department of Homeland SecuritySocial Accountability International (SAI) (a Panjiva data partner)Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) (a Panjiva data partner)MADE-BY (a Panjiva data partner)EDDI, Inc. (a Panjiva data partner)CUSTOMS Info (a Panjiva data partner)Panjiva tracks companies that have done business with CIT, a troubled lenderTriVistaHong Kong Trade Development Corporation (a Panjiva data partner)Good Factories (a Panjiva data partner)Panjiva has collected additional contact information (such as websites, phone numbers, or e-mail addresses) on 100,000+ international suppliers.Suppliers who have provided information about themselves directly to Panjiva.  Note that suppliers cannot edit the third-party information available on the Panjiva platform; they can only supplement this information.Sinosure (a Panjiva data partner)DP Information GroupThe Panjiva watchlist consists of suppliers suffering a 50% or greater decline in volume (by weight) shipped to U.S. customers during the last three months, versus the same period a year agoInternational Credit ReportsD&BExperian.

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