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Adhesive interlining

The JCC hot-melt adhesive mesh film, a kind of non-woven fabrics-shaped hot-melt adhesive product, can be conveniently used for continuous or intermittent operation. The product is widely applied to bonding of various fabrics, paper, macromolecules, metals, etc. The JCC hot-melt adhesive mesh film comprises two main series: the PA series and the PES series, with the weight ranging from 8g to 100g.
Production Application:
■ Bonding of Materials for Clothing Industry
■ Bonding of Fabric Foam and Plates for Automobile Industry
■ Bonding of Indoor Fabrics
■ Multi-layer Bonding of Filter Materials
■ Bonding of Fabrics for Bag Industry
■ Bonding of Decorative Fabrics for Buildings
Product Characteristics:
■ Excellent Washability
■ High Molecular Strength and Difficult Plasticizing Deformation
■ High Bonding Strength on Fabrics and Foam
■ High Air Permeability and Difficult Ageing and Yellowing
Characteristics of Typical Products:
■ Material: PA or PES
■ Width: Maximum 220cm
■ Color: White or Milk White
■ Melting Range: 105-125°C
■ Lowest Pressing Temperature: 110°C
■ Recommended Pressing Condition: Temperature 130°C, Pressure 1.5-3bar, and Time 8-15s

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