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Aspects of the six categories of clothing ...
Aspects of the six categories of clothing ...
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Aspects of the six categories of clothing accessories(2)

Two, closely associated with class

Closely associated with the category within the clothing mainly from the relationships, combinations and decorativerole, which come withs buttons, zippers, hooks, rings, and other forms of nylon hasp picture.

Select category Accessories closely will note the next principles:

1 more or less clothing need to be considered, this type ofs infants and youngsters closely accessories need to be simple, safe, and typicallyuse nylon zipper and buckle; menswear deal with thickness and massive, women take note of ornamental.

(2) should think aboutthe design and elegance, closely accessories should take note of the epidemic, to ornamentaland serve asal unity.

3 should think aboutthe aim and serve as, this type ofs wind raincoat, swimming accessories installed closely so that you can waterevidenceand sturdy, should use plastic products. The closely undiesaccessories need to be small and skinny, gentlein weight firmly, pants and get dressedes back zipper placket need to be self-locking.

4 maintenance should think aboutmethodsof fabricing, wash the garment as usual need to be very little metal.

fivethink aboutclothing materials, this type ofs heavy, oversized napped fabric applications closely accessories, loose structure of the outside chisel will not use hooks, loops and rings.

6 should think aboutthe site and placed at the shape, this type ofs clothing at no ride door will not use buttons.

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